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BRLA 1999 Southwest Book Awards

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A bibliography of all awards prior to 1996, Southwest Book Awards:  The First Twenty-five Years, is available from BRLA.  Contact Lisa Weber or Claudia Rivers.

ALL THAT GLITTERS:  THE EMERGENCE OF NATIVE AMERICAN MICACEOUS ART POTTERY IN NORTHERN NEW MEXICO, by Duane Anderson, with a Foreward by Lonnie Vigil, School of American Research Press, 1999.

BORDERLANDS:  SHORT FICTIONS, by James Carlos Blake, Avon Books, 1999.

CHIMAYO WEAVING:  THE TRANSFORMATION OF A TRADITION, by Helen R. Lucero and Suzanne Baizerman, University of New Mexico Press, 1999.

GEORGIA O'KEEFFE:  THE POETRY OF THINGS, by Elizabeth Hutton Turner, with an essay by Marjorie P. Balge-Crozier, Yale University Press, 1999.

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PANCHO VILLA, by Friedrick Katz, Stanford University Press, 1998.

MANGAS COLORADAS:  CHIEF OF THE CHIRICAHUA APACHES, by Edwin R. Sweeney, University of Oklahoma Press, 1998.

THE PRICE OF DOING BUSINESS IN MEXICO, by Bobby Byrd, Cinco Puntos Press, 1998.

RETHINKING HOPI ETHNOGRAPHY, by Peter M. Whiteley, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998.

THE TENNIS PARTNER, by Abraham Verghese, Harper Collins, 1998.

UNDERSTANDING WOMEN, by C.W. Smith, Texas Christian University Press, 1998

WINDOWS ON THE PAST:  HISTORIC LODGINGS OF NEW MEXICO, by Sandra Lynn, University of New Mexico Press, 1999.

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