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BRLA 1997 Southwest Book Awards

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A bibliography of all awards prior to 1996, Southwest Book Awards:  The First Twenty-five Years, is available from BRLA.  Contact Lisa Weber or Claudia Rivers.

AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF NEW MEXICO, by William G. Degenhardt, Charles W. Painter, and Andrew H. Price.  University of New Mexico Press, 1996.

CHIHUAHUA:  PICTURES FROM THE EDGE, photographs by Virgil Hancock, essay by Charles Bowden.  University of New Mexico Press, 1996.

COLORS ON DESERT WALLS:  THE MURALS OF EL PASO, text by Miguel Juarez, photographs by Cynthia Weber Farah.  Texas Western Press, 1997.

HOUSE OF HOUSES, by Pat Mora.  Beacon Press, 1997.

JOHN WESLEY HARDIN:  DARK ANGEL OF TEXAS, by Leon C. Metz.  Mangan Books, 1996.

THE MATACHINES DANCE, by Sylvia Rodriguez.  University of New Mexico Press, 1996.

QUEST FOR THE PILLAR OF GOLD:  THE MINES AND MINERS OF THE GRAND CANYON, by George H. Billingsley, Earle E. Spamer, and Dove Menkes.  Grand Canyon Association, 1997.

SEPARATIONS, by Oakley Hall.  University of Nevada Press, 1997.

SPIRIT ASCENDANT:  THE ART AND LIFE OF PATROCINO BARELA, by Edward Gonzales and David L. Witt.  Red Crane Books, 1996.

VOICES, CIRCLES, ECHOES, by George B. Drennan.  Printing Corner Press, 1996.

WHERE THERE IS NO NAME FOR ART:  THE ART OF TEWA PUEBLO CHILDREN, by Bruce Hucko.  School of American Research Press, 1996.

Special Award to JUDITH VAN GIESON for her series of detective novels featuring Neil Hamel.

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